Sheffield’s latest development, located in a key suburban location in the City District, walking distance from the Advanced Manufacturing Park. Boasting a new build of 55 apartments for those wanting to join the ever growing city district and be a part of the future it holds.


Be only a 15 minute drive from one of Englands most beautiful national parks renowned for its special qualities including a rich diversity of nature and cultural heritage enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.
Such a vast and open area, attracts people from all walks of life bringing a magnitude of talent to the park. Boasting hundreds of things to do, to name just a few: Trail Walking, Camping, Cycling, Horse Riding, Climbing, Abs-ailing, Hang Gliding and even Bungee Jumping. Whether you’re there for the thrills or just a sense of adventure the park has it all.


St. Josephs Rd

Quality comes as standard with every Queensbridge development. The Courthouse has been carefully designed with the platinum specification package to make your home stand out from all the rest.

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